Friday, August 6, 2010

Sweaty Elbows- Your daily dose of randomosity

OH HAPPY DAY!  And Happy Mail. With a possibility of a Happy Meal as well.
I went off amongst them today, and found myself in the jewelry isles at JoAnns. While normally this is a cause for celebration, of course they did not have what I need, so I will have to make it from scratch.  It's not super difficult, but it would be better if I could just buy it outright.  Also, I bought a necklace and bracelet stand, so it looks like I'm talking myself into doing this whole craft show thing.  Either that or I just like the looks of them.  A little of both, actually.
Oh and I am noticing that I"m not much of a writer, as every other thing here is a sentence fragment. Please don't grade me, I'm afraid I'd fail.  
In other news, my mom sent me a "happy mail" package filled with goodies. There were a ton of jewelry items I had previously made and forgotten about (Bonus- Less to make for the show I may or may not do...)  as well as a check for some things she took from the stash and an "order" for some things I can make her!  So needless to say- whoooo hooo I have work to do! 
Oh, and I also have all the stuff to do to get ready for a show, as well as finishing up the pieces I want Leslie to model.
Whooo hoo?

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