Monday, May 9, 2011

Horseshoe Craft and Flea Market!

I met so many crafters of awesomeness this weekend- here they are in no particular order...
DeadWilder - Beautiful drawings made into prints and jewelry.  I am in love with the octopus print.
HotButter - Had awesome bags and wallets.  I ended up going back for one at the end of my time there because I just couldn't shake it!
JanuaryJonesPrints - I bought a print similar to this one, and a few postcards of awesomeness.
I also got to see the awesome Kelly Cook, who's shop I adore. I got this in card form, and these - both of which will be in the mail to a certain someone soon.
Kelly was there with Betony Coons of GraySparrow where I got a large and tiny print of this, a tiny one of this, and a large one of this - which is going to hang in my new craft room!
Planet Ogie had some awesomeness, as did: Debbie Clapper, Elevated Scraps, Bitter, Fern & Sprout and Cheryl Patrick.
Yummers drinks at ModesTea...
And Snacky goodness from Cake Denver - I got snickerdoodle cookies that I loved.

All in all it was a fan-freakin-tastic time.