Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Crafts and Health Insurance.

OH dear. I find myself once again on the phone in an effort to clear up issues with my insurance.  I feel so bad for the people who's job it is to deal with us unruly insured individuals. I try to be extra nice, even though inside I feel like punching someone because I get a bill for 1,124.82 that was supposedly covered....
*deep breath*
so I will do my time and spend what is already half an hour on the phone and then I will Craft.
Perhaps today I need to make some little plush animals that have cute googley eyes and tiny noses. They can take me to my happy crafty place.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's tricky to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme- that's right on time.

Not sure why I'm having old school flashbacks.  I was in a construction mood yesterday and completed 4 new things of awesomeness, though as usual, I have run out of patience by the time it's time to take a picture, so they don't look so awesome.
First I made a new necklace display for me
then a similar necklace display for a fellow crafter

they're just upholstered and hinged plywood. Super cheap and easy, but I think they look nice.
And I made a ring display,
This was a piece of styrofoam that I dug channels into, then used the hot glue gun to cover with the velvet. 
And finally, my little tree that I'll use to hang my stockings and purses on

All of the wood for all pieces was maybe total $7. I have found that Home Depot has a scrap or "cull" wood section at the back of the store and I raided it, each piece there is only 51 cents! All in all, I"m pretty thrilled with my cheapy displays.

I have also been crafting, and my favorite thing I have made has to be this stocking,
I took old sweaters that had holes in them and cut around the holes to make stockings!  This one is the prettiest becuase of the sweater pattern (at least I think so) and if I didn't already have a highly awesome Simpsons stocking that my honey got me, I'd be tempted to just keep this for myself!
On another Christmasey note, I have pretty much fully decorated my house.  Poor Tim has to live with this holiday for a full 2 months.  He's wonderful.

This is the tree I have in my "library" I've already decorated it, and the second tree is in my living room, and I have yet to fully decorate that one...

But I am in love with the colored LED lights, they're so bright!
I also have decorated the mantle, with stockings for ALL of the family, the three pups each have thier own.

Yep, that's my homer stocking, and Tim has the steelers. 
Now, I was all set to insist on a real tree this year, but the green one above was FREE.  I found it on Craigslist and expected it to be smaller and crappy, but it's awesome.  So I have cedar scented oil to fool me into the Christmas spirit. Plus that way I don't have to vacuum needles. :-)

I'm off to craft, I have to finish everything, and I have PILES of things sitting here to finish!  I have a swap to mail on Saturday as well as the holiday craftular at the Atlas Theatre here in Greeley that I am super excited about. Wish me luck peeps!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Welcome November!

The leaves are falling and the wind is chilly and this is my absolute favorite time of year!
As I sit here drinking my tea and working on some pieces of jewelry, I am overwhelmed with overwhelmeyness. I have a smallish craft show in just 4 days, and I feel like I am so totally not prepared for it. At all. In the least.
So this should be a short blog because I should stop typing and concentrate on the crafting.

In exciting news, my sister is coming to visit me in 9 days, and I'm really pumped/excited/happytacular/whoohooadoodley about it. You should be too.  Not because you'll get to see her, but because you just should. Yeah.

Also, if you are on Facebook, you know that it's officially Christmas season for me, and I am going to start decorating immediately. The fall stuff is coming down and the winter stuff is goin' up, and I couldn't be happier about it. Soon the stores will join in with my joy and start putting up Christmas displays and all of you naysayers that say nay to early Christmas celebrations, BAH! I LOVE this season and any excuse to make it last longer is a good one to me.
Oh yes, this is happening right now...  I have christmasified my window in front of the computer where I do all this typing, and it is lonely, so I need to get in gear and christmasify some more things.
I promise to post updates, and you have to promise to like it.