Monday, November 1, 2010

Welcome November!

The leaves are falling and the wind is chilly and this is my absolute favorite time of year!
As I sit here drinking my tea and working on some pieces of jewelry, I am overwhelmed with overwhelmeyness. I have a smallish craft show in just 4 days, and I feel like I am so totally not prepared for it. At all. In the least.
So this should be a short blog because I should stop typing and concentrate on the crafting.

In exciting news, my sister is coming to visit me in 9 days, and I'm really pumped/excited/happytacular/whoohooadoodley about it. You should be too.  Not because you'll get to see her, but because you just should. Yeah.

Also, if you are on Facebook, you know that it's officially Christmas season for me, and I am going to start decorating immediately. The fall stuff is coming down and the winter stuff is goin' up, and I couldn't be happier about it. Soon the stores will join in with my joy and start putting up Christmas displays and all of you naysayers that say nay to early Christmas celebrations, BAH! I LOVE this season and any excuse to make it last longer is a good one to me.
Oh yes, this is happening right now...  I have christmasified my window in front of the computer where I do all this typing, and it is lonely, so I need to get in gear and christmasify some more things.
I promise to post updates, and you have to promise to like it.


  1. The window dressing is awesome! It's so good it doesn't even look real. Looks like a PhotoShop job. ;) Come do my house next!

  2. You mean to say I should do MORE decorating? um, OKAY!

  3. You are the queen of making up words. You AND your sister! Nice decorations. Nice blog.

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    Looks like a photo shop job.....
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