Thursday, October 21, 2010

SUCCESS!-(I couldn't post this before, But it's here now!)

I can't believe I actually did it, but three projects done!
The first has no picture because I forgot (DUH) but are the rings I had an order for through Etsy.  Done, packed and ready to mail!
The second project is my MIL's stocking,

It's made from a felted sweater and a felt reindeer.

Then my last project was one that I wasn't sure would work, but I hope to sell these ornaments...

at the Atlas Craft Show that I'm in come November.  I will have to tinker with the design a bit, and also I need to make/buy a small tabletop sized tree so I can display them.


Since writing that post, I have signed up for ANOTHER craft show, also here in Greeley.  I hope I don't lose my mind before it starts!
it's here at
Zoe's Coffeehouse
On November 5th in the evening.

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