Monday, October 18, 2010

Poor malnourished bloggy!

I have a second crafty show coming up, and I also have a whopper of a swap to finish, and those are my excuses for not blogging.  Also, I am not feeling very clever. (What, you say?  The ones I have written were supposed to be clever? Well, you can shut it. How's that for cleverness? Huh?) 
Here is the new incredible show of awesomeness and fabulosity

Atlas Winter Show
(This is some of the work of artists that will be there, my thing is the purse)

It looks like it is going to be soooooo awesome, and I can't wait.  But I seem to be waiting a LOT to start on my new holiday themed stuff, and that's just no good.  I hope to accomplish no less than 3 projects tomorrow, and blog about them.  Also, I have mentioned that on Facebook, so now I'm putting it out there so I have a sense of obligation to do it. Hey- self motivate however you can, right?

Also, I have been informed by the crafty masters of craftularity that I need a website. Thus begins what I'm sure will be a long process of setting one up. yay.

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