Thursday, October 7, 2010


So I have been busy immersung myself in all things fall lately.   Anything pumpkin, apple cider, baking, leaves, and the beauteousness of autumn colors.  Simce I haven't bloggulared in a while, here are a couple fall-ey things!
This is for my sis, she doesn't have a fall wreath, and while I am far from great at making them, I think she appreciates the thought. :-)

I did not come up with the idea to put pumpkin in brownies, but O.M.G. it is fabulous. Not only is it pretty, it tastes like a chocolate pumpkin pie.  I wanted to share it with everyone I am sending cookies to, but sadly, it won't be making it into the packages due to my inability to control myself. I have made and frosted some more sugar cookies, which will be sent out as soon as I add some more cookies to the packages, and I also experimented with dried apples and make an apple cinnamon sugar cookie that I love. I have a few more fall baking ideas, and as soon as I get my buns back in the kitchen I will post pics and reviews.
Also, unrelated to cooking or crafting, but I have the cutest dogs in the world.


  1. I want the brown one! Also, those brownies look so awesome.

  2. He misses you, and is preparing himself to fit in a suitcase as soon as you are able to visit and take him. :-)
    Also, Whenever I get to the P.O.- you'll be getting a box of happiness and a brownie in the mail. Yay!