Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday might just become New Blog Day!

Well, lookie here. It's been a week since my last entry, and I actually have something to share!
Last Friday, I made myself go to Denver to the Gem and Bead shows.  Now, you might be thinking that saying "made myself" is a bit of a stretch if you know my attitude about shopping. But I very rarely go out od town to go shopping by myself.  I like to, instead, drag along unwitting family members (Mom and Brin, Dad won't go there!) or friends (ok, ok, friend.  I only have the one. Melissa).  But I sucked it up and suffered through and so on, and let me say, wowee kazaowee.  Apparently there were 8 shows going on that weekend, and I only attended 2, or really just 1.5 if you cound the fact that I didn't finish the bead show because I ran out of money and couldn't stop buying things. It was SOOOOOOO AWESOME!  I had a lot of fun at the combination Gem and Fossil show, even though it was overrun with kids.  I have to admit though, they were adorable ones, all decked out in their "I heart dinosaurs" gear. So cute. I didn't really look much at the fossils, as that's not my thing, but the abundance of gems was fascinating.  Of course, I'm a nerd and didn't take any pictures at that one, so I have none to share until I take photos of the little gemmys that I actually bought.
Now, let's talk about the bead show. Incredible.  It was like a warehouse lined with the bead isles at michaels and joanns, but with TONS more, and so much different stuff that I had to try really hard not to pee my pants in excitement. I was suckered into the very first booth I saw, and then skipped maybe 3 on my route to the back and then back to the door.  I didn't let myself see the whole thing, (that's what she said) because I just didn't think I could handle it.  The girls I spoke with at the craft fair I attended said it was overwhelming, and I didn't believe them, but I totally should have, because it is.

And these jerks below had the audacity to have basically every swarovskit known to man...

I know these pics aren't the best, but I think I could have taken a thousand of them and I wouldn't have been able to capture the ginormousness of the situation.
I wish that Melissa could have been there, I think she would have appreciated them as much as I did, and also I think she is the only shopping partner that wouldn't have minded the excessive amount of time I took studying the beads.
So that is my Friday adventure. Super awesome.

On to my today adventure.  I have been yapping about making sugar cookies for, oh about 2 weeks now, and I finally got around to finishing my first batch.  I don't know if the icing is going to set enough for me to mail them out to all of you I promised to mail to, but if not, I'll just make more, and hopefully get the icing recipe right! 

I know that leaves wouldn't have the little confettis on them but hey- they're fall-y and cute.

And then below, I made some punkins (by the way peeps, I KNOW it's pumpkins, but punkins is more fun to say) and some acorns.  The punkins are okay, acorns, not so much.
Really the only way to tell the difference is the color, the punkins being orange and the acorns being brown, except for the two yellow, not sure what I was thinking there...

That's it for me.

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  1. a.) That bead show looks AWESOME! I wish I could have gone with you!!! But I'm glad you had fun and I'm sure you got a lot of supplies.
    b.) Those cookies look tasty! I like your fall theme. :)