Thursday, August 5, 2010

People will think what I tell them to think when you tell me what to tell them to think.

I am realizing that in order to maintain a daily crafting blog, one must craft daily.
Not weekly, or bi-weekly or basically just whenever I feel like it.
Thus forms my resolution to a) craft more, daily possibly and b) also post about my craft-related things.  Oh yes, and c) to continue my random posts of randomness, because after all, I don't think people feel obligated to read it anyway.
Today I did not craft, but I did make a Dr appointment and talk to people about bills and organize all of the financial stuff and go to lunch with Tim and clean the house and do a load of laundry and go grocery shopping.  I know that there are many people out there that don't understand how I can be home all day and not have a "job" but really, I just do everything that you do at night and on the weekend during my day, and that way my nights and weekends are spent with Tim.
Oh yes, so back to my (lack of) crafting.
I had a brainfart of an idea yesterday, and I plan on a trip to the big JoAnns in Loveland tomorrow to buy a few necessary supplies.  (no, I don't know how I can have this craft room full of things and still need supplies either) I also hope to jam in a few tree pendants here soon, because I owe Melissa B a pair of earrings for being the most awesomest and best friend ever.  I also plan on mailing a bunch of things I have made and/or are swapping tomorrow, so if you are waiting for a package from me, chances are it'll finally get on it's way tomorrow.
Oh yes, and I am also excited about the prospect of making an awesome dog present for my cousin's new adoption, so I'll be needing to get on that soon as well.
For those of you that I have forced into making a WIST  (Brin, Melissa)  you guys need to get on that because I will be commencing with the christmas crafts soon so that I don't end up a slave to the craft room for the entire month of December like last year.  Also, if I haven't forced you into a Wist- but you a) already have one, or b) want to make one, send me the link people!!!

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  1. Daaaaang, you're random. But I love it. I wouldn't care if you craft daily, but I would like you to be random daily and I don't think you will have a problem with that. You could also post the links here to all those cool sites you send me. Also, I owe you one fish mug.