Monday, August 2, 2010

Dang you, Dang you to heck.

Oh my. I just had the most deliciously fabtacular cookie known to man. It's called a tahiti cookie- from Pepperidge Farm.  And for those of you who say that homemade cookies beat packaged ones any day, fine, come over and make me a tahiti cookie and maybe I'll agree, but until then.... neener.
More on the subject of crafts (as this blog is not called cookieland, hm, but that sounds fun- a land made of cookies) I am actually crafting today. I have finally gotten myself to stop "prepping" (aka lazing around the house) and I am making stretchy bracelets for my MIL. She can't have any metal in her jewelry, so I'm using nifty flocked felt and wooden and gemstone beads to make bracelets. 
(Like these:)

So I am feeling slightly better about what I am accomplishing, I just hope that I can continue to motivate myself to make things.  Maybe the secret is the fabby cookies. Yep, I'll just have to eat them every day and see how that works out. Either I will be able to get lots of awesome things done or I will get so fat that I'll resemble a marble with little stumpy legs and arms and I won't get anything done.
Lets hope it's not the marble.


  1. Your MIL loves the bracelets! You are a hilarious writer, DIL. I'm lovin' reading all your blogs!

  2. MIL! Yay for bloggy comments! :-) I'm glad you like it and don't find it disturbing that your son chose to marry a complete wierdo! I love ya bunches!