Saturday, August 14, 2010

Can't talk... Crafting.

Okay, okay, I have decided that since you are all waiting patiently by your computer screens for me to post another wisdom-filled blog, I will oblige you. However, it's going to be short, because I officially have less than two weeks to get my act together, and if you know me, you know it's taken me approxamately 28 years to get this far, so 2 weeks is nothin. 
1. I miss Melissa. I have a picture of her in a drunken (1/2 a glass of wine) stupor, and I think I will post it in my craft room so that I can see it and think of her.
2. Brin reminded me that football started last night, well, the preseason anyway, and now I am all excited about the normal season because it looks like (thanks to McNabb) we're going to be a decent team.
3. When I woke up this morning and sat outside with the doggies, it was like 70 degrees.  I CANNOT WAIT for fall.
4. I am all out of wisdom but feel that 3 points aren't enough to sustain you greedy readers out there.
5. Again, I have nothing, but 5 seems to be a good stopping number.


  1. 1. I miss you!!! Also, I demand you to take that picture down.
    2. I can't wait for fall either. I am going to be living at fall festivals and eat ridiculous amount of pumpkin bread!

  2. 1. NAY! I heart it and it will stay up forever.
    2. Awww- Festivals!!!! I FORGOT ABOUT THAT! Dangitall. I wish I could be there and we could Crafty Bastards it up. :-(