Saturday, July 3, 2010

Stalk to you later.

Oh no. I feel I may have inadvertently shown the world how very sad I am by accidentally subscribing to my own blog. (hey, you have to get followers somehow, right?)  I was going to sign in and take my name off the list, but I thought- You know what? No. Is it true that only very lonely people and possibly the loseriest people on earth would do that? Yes.  Is it true that now I have an actual subscriber (thanks Natty!) so I don't really need to be my own? Yes. But isn't it also true that I am conducting this blog as an avenue of expressing myself? Yes, it is, and therefore even the stupid and (supposedly) inadvertent mistakes I make must be put out there for the world. No one likes people who don't make mistakes anyway. 

Hm... Relying on that logic, I may just turn out to be very, very likable.

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