Monday, July 26, 2010

Blog "Swap" goodness and other things.

In an effort to have more followers and/or actually reach someone that wants to read my drivel, I have joined a 'swap' where you don't actually exchange things, but you follow your fellow swappers blogs.  I think it's a pretty awesome idea, since sometimes finding a blog that you would be interested in can be difficult.  This way you're thrown headfirst into 10 people's bloggy lives and you never know, you might just find a great one! If anyone currently reading my blog would like to know who's life I have been thrown into, here are my partners blogs....

There are a few nifty neato ones!

As for the "other things" mentioned in the title...
We all know that I am a prcrastinator of the most extreme sort, so don't expect too much to come of it, but I am cleaning my craft room today and tomorrow and will hope to start on a few projects!  Also, The beetle problem has been solved. Lots of insecticide and I think they will be leaving me alone for a while.  I know that it's wrong to kill the little creatures of our universe and so forth, but, holey hot plate of butter I HATE insects. All of them. Even the cute ladybugs. Sorry.


  1. Thanks for the links. I'm definitely going to check a few of them out.

  2. I hate insects too! Sometimes we get centipedes and spiders in the house and I freak out!!!

    I'm happy to learn about your blog since I got your blog in the Swap! :) Yay for new reading and new blogs! I'm really enjoying this swap! :)

    (loolie on swapbot)