Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Some friend you are. MELISSA!

Oh yes. I am calling you out on your insistence of another blog whilst I should be busy doing much more important things. Like scooping up the dog poo in the backyard (I only wish I was kidding about this) or making yet another trip to Target or Starbucks.  I don't see how you expect me to be able to produce quality work (ah, case in point....) while I have only consumed 3 coffees today. I need at least 5, possibly 12 to work well.
Well I will have you know, I am packed, and even though I didn't finish all the craftiness I wanted to, I gotta lotta done(a).
And for those non-Melissaians reading this (all 2 of you :-) I will be headed eastbound for a trip to see the family and probably won't be posting again until I get back (July 20th).  So miss me!

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