Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ahoy and so on

Well I'm back from the land of the terminally weird (i.e. VA, where my family and friends make up a large part of the crazy population) and I'm ready to spread the strangeness all over CO, so watch out!
I didn't get the opportunity to do many craft while I was vacationing, but I will tell you about the one thing Melissa and I did.
Apparently the books that are put out on making friendship bracelets are for 8-16 year olds, and keeping that in mind...
Apparently Melissa and I are both not crafty and or patient enough to figure these books out. We thought that it would be neat to whip up a couple of bracelets for each other (on a Saturday night, because we are so highly awesome) by using the patterns in the book we got. We eventually were able to figure out what the heck the book was telling us to do (after 35 minutes...) but then once we started on the stupid things, we realized that they were going to take for-ev-er to finish. Like days upon days of this string over that string and that string over the other string. So.  What could we do?
Persevere?  No.
Figure out an easier way?  No.
Make simpler bracelets? Also No.
We quit.
Oh yes, we have officially been beaten by the numerous 12 year-olds that are out there making bracelets for their friends right now. Oh well.  At least we saved the 2 inch section and will make phone charms out of them.  
Tucking that crafty flop under my belt, I am moving on. I hope to get myself back in order shortly, and then I will have a couple of days of craft-a-thon-i-ness.
And don't worry, I'll be posting pictures of the trip and my awesome dorkiness soon.


  1. Oh yeah, I can imagine that happening. I hate when that sort of thing does happen. A friend had a similar experience with lasagna from the freezer. He wanted to bake it for dinner after work, thinking it would only take an hour. Not realizing it would take about 4. :(
    Where in VA are your friends and family located? I am in Northern VA myself. :)
    Yvonne from swapbot

  2. The majority of my fam is in Winchester, with a few in Springfield.